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Deliverable – Urgent: Before 00:00 hours today

If you are a manager, then you would know this trick by now. Several times, circumstances demand that you get meaningless work done out of your team. Not all the work you do, is going to find some use somewhere. There are also times when there is absolutely no work at all. What does one do in such times, one can’t let the team rust away..one can’t let the team harbor ugly thoughts that can hurt the organization in the long run( like wanting to move to seemingly greener pastures)…so keep them busy with work that may or may not see the light of the day.

One is subject to this misery more often when one is a junior level team member..but then it is bliss at that point of time as very few people understand the difference between work and ‘real’ work at this point.

The next level of misery is when you are a reasonably senior member in the team and is privy to the real deliverables that affect the team. Here the situation gets tricky, as by now, one knows that the work given is just a tactic used by the manager, but a skilful manager can mask it under the shroud of secrecy or how important it is to lead to a bigger better project in the coming few months.

But the best is when the same treatment is meted out to your managers; they end up working late for a supposed meeting and it then gets cancelled at the last minute..whoa, what pleasure!

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