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Online Transactions and me – Part III

Regular readers of my blog might remember that I cribbed several times in the past that whenever I made online transactions, I always got stuck in the process. Well, this has not happened to me for quite some time now. Please note the category of posting this time!!

Not because the frequency of transactions have reduced. Definitely not because I have completely stopped making them either. Guess the angels get heard after all 😉

I have had a trouble free period when I did nearly 75% of all my bookings and enquiries online for my trip.

I have had no trouble in the last few months over all my internet rail and air bookings.

It has been a delight to pay off all my bills over the net, be it electricity, phone or even making a gas booking.

There then..it proves my theory: You are faced with trouble only when you try to make some financial saving.

I have come to this conclusion coz:

1.I have been using the same laptop since the time I started writing in here. (Sbody upgrade my computer soon, please)
2.I have been logging in to do these transactions at pretty much the same time.(Sbody who hasn’t figured out that these are only office hours, please write to me to be my friend, please)
3.I have not changed my job as yet.(Sbody who hasn’t figured that out from point 2, and still wrote in to be my friend, please don’t expect a response. Others, please find me a new job; I am bored)
4.For the rest, Somebody …prove me wrong.

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