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RGV has said he was at the Taj hotel by chance and the Maharashtra chief minister had not invited him. So tell me, do film personalities go visiting terror sites just a day after the attacks by chance? Or is it that poor RGV did not have a TV/radio at home and could not afford a newspaper since his Aag days, that he does not know what is happening in the world, around him.

Shivraj Patil claims he was at the hospital, and the terrorists had left by then. Since you are so keen on meeting them, Mr. Patil..please go to POK for a trip in solitude, and you can meet as many as you want.

And for the Mr. Patil who claimed the terror attack in Mumbai was a small incident, maybe he expected the entire city to be wiped out, and it was just a sincere expression of the relief he felt when that did not happen.

The political entourage which came to Mumbai even before the attacks were over…the people in the hospitals and the dead in the morgues want to see you again and spend a week with you. Will you come down please and give us your undivided attention, without ushering in the media with you?

All you mediamen, who sensationalized the stories and drove in more fear into the citizens minds in the name of freedom of press..some of the dead are calling out hoarsely for you. They miss your company in after life. If not for your mindless coverage, some of them would have still been alive today.

Fishermen who brought to the notice of the competent authorites, the security breach in license issue to the Gujarat boatman…next time, please use a loudspeaker and give a shout to the common man about such matters. Maybe they can do something about it. The authorities, naturally would not give a damn as there is no scope for earning a quick buck here.

Politicians who offer 1 Crore and more, to the slain…we, the living, want to take it from you to provide our forces with better training, and equipment to deal with such emergencies. And no, we don’t want you to take that huge responsibility again. You are worth only the rubber stamp on the electoral sheet, nothing beyond that.

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