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This is related to the previous post in this category in some way. If you have reached that stage in your career, where you are preparing the content of presentations to be made to external teams/senior management, you would know what I am talking about. The mandate that one starts with is to make a presentation that brings out your work and puts your views across, while we engage in a dialogue with ‘them’ to further our efforts into real action. Then you spend countless hours regurgitating facts, grinding theories, crucifying opinions, posing mind benders, culling out the solution, and posing actionables. If one had spent 3-4 weeks in working through the idea before it germinated into something worthy of showcasing at the higher level, another 3-4 days is spent in putting this ‘adorable’ ppt (Hail Microsoft) together. After all this, what catches the eye of your manager when she/he wants to ‘value-add’ to your work?
-Isnt that font a little too small or archaic to be shown on a bigger canvas
-How about replacing that mundane round bullet, with a flashy square blue button with a hole.
-Why are there very few slides in the Appendix? Did we not do more than this?
-Great and easy to understand process flow diagram – but do not demystify everything we do.
-Arent the colours a little too bright for the late evening presentation that we want to have?

(The Slide Master used was the same as the one used by the Manager, centuries ago(OSO style))

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