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Tock-tick tock-tick went the clock

When I was in pre teens, every weekend it used to be a ritual at home. I would loll around in the bed, for most part of the day, which started post lunch, right until snack time in the evening, doing nothing eventful. Sometimes fast asleep too. The apt ending to this was always mock sleeping for about half an hour, with appa trying to pull me out of bed, or moving the pillows out or faking a power cut. As much as I did not want to get out of bed, I also enjoyed this ritual. It was clearly a just appa and me time. I got out of this habit only when in old age (not mine, silly), I found the already laid out beds occupied by the septugenerians in the family immediately after lunch.

A few years back, when I was home for the vacations, and my younger cousins were there for a summer holiday, I noticed the same drama being played out. How I was jealous of my appa showering his attention on the clearly a decade-younger-than-me kids, and not me, a by now twenty something. Who says sibling rivalry attacks only when you are young and immature, or have siblings staying in the house forever.

On my last trip home, there was Act II of this play. Appa playing with his grand daughter. She, lying on the bed, mock sleeping, with the blanket pulled over her, and not missing even the snoring act. This time, there was no jealousy. Just the clock turned back in delightful memories. Maybe I grew up after all.

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