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I am back to reading a lot of blogs these days. Not to say that I am completely vella (free) the entire work day, but just that I have grown more efficient in reading the various blogs like most of us are with the news papers. What is good is, one need not remember anything that one read from these blogs. It is absolute timepass. Even reading a news paper is sometimes taxing as one has to keep a few facts in memory like the inflation rate or the latest buyout or bomb blast venue to be an interesting conversationalist some day some where. That is besides the point. What I was trying to say is that once all the historical posts of a blogger you like are read and disposed off as task accomplished, following him/her up on a daily basis on the blog hardly takes any of one’s time. In fact it is a welcome pleasure from the drudgery of routine. Of late, I have taken to simple yet delightfully written posts on every day life. People seem to lead interesting lifes with their kids and spouse and parents. Oodles of energy flows from their thoughts. A lot of people are also willing to share their personal life stories without being too personal about it. It is like everybody goes through the same experiences in life, just the tinted glass through which we see it is different. Blogs have made this world a more happy place.
This also led me onto some crazy thoughts as to how blogs can affect our lives in the years to come.

School Curriculum: Refer blogs abc, xyz and kjd for your homework; précis write blog abc;

Job references: Understand your employee by going through his/her blog before you hire them. False identity blogs problem for the hiring managers

Neighbour’s envy Owner’s pride: You get to know your neighbour’s latest material acquisitions or Wish I was there vacations even without them actually uttering a word about it to you.
Trumpeteers through blogs syndrome.

Human Evolution Research: Charles Darwin can turn in his grave. Any future compilation of human evolution research cannot ignore the effect of internet, and the bytes and bytes of information available on it about how the twentieth century human being actually lived.

What else?

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