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Have been missing from the blog space for a while. Finished a lot of books in the meantime, caught up on all the new releases in Bollywood, climbed up the ladder on house – mis – management, and passed out with flying colours in the post graduate course in boredom and its side effects.

Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooqui

It is an insane, but delightful novel. As the theme suggests, “Why is deceit so delicious”, I seemed to like the twists in the story on who cheats on whom. Well, they moralize everything in the end, and say it is not cheating in relationships, but keeping oneself alive by finding meaningful solace elsewhere. American Beauty in literary form.

Almost single by Advaita Kala

Great read! After a long time, something to read that is so much next door, on your face, or even perhaps, your own reflection in the mirror. Forget the plot, the route the story takes that is so plain predictable…just the witty writing even in self deprecatory tone makes it an interesting read. Recommend it to anybody looking for an insight into the Indian cosmopolitan woman’s mind..move aside Bridget Jones..here’s our very own desi take on Sex and the City and the woman bitchiness.

Above Average by Amitav Ghosh

Chetan Bhagat has inspire quite a lot of wannabes, and this book is just that. A wannabe trying to cash in on the IIT fame, and adding the Delhi spice in an attempt to write a novel. Surds and rock stars may be the flavour of the season, but the book just doesn’t cut ice in terms of refreshing writing, or plot or character build up. All the same, a light read after an incredibly lighter day at office. Flawless language and bigger font make up for the lack of anything new in the book.

Now reading : IIM Ganjdundwara by Rohithari Raja – > Now don’t ask me why I pick up these books.

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