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Looking at the world through the eyes of a Mac

Finally got a Mac.

As a new convert (not a complete one as yet) from a Windows user to a Mac, and as one who has vouched to use the Mac purely for entertainment purposes, shall post little tips and tricks as well as pose really really difficult questions here as I get along on it, so that in search of the real quest (entertainment) while using the Mac, we do not digress due to technical difficulties. Shall also refrain from using technical names and jargons here, to prevent confusion to a normal user – who said you are a dummy! This is a Mac world, after all.

First one goes:
Unable to connect to the net through the USB internet device (TATA Photon)

When you plug in the device to the USB port, there appears a folder like icon on the front page indicating that the device has been recognized. However, one is not able to browse on the internet, as the device has not automatically installed itself as it is want to do.

My quick fix solution : Right click(Ctrl + click on Mac) on the appconnect file (inside the folder) and select the contents folder. Select the .pkg file here and keep clicking next until it shows Finish. Then go to Network (available in System preferences) – now you will see that the device is connected. Enter and Save the username and password.

Presto! You are ready to go surfing now.

(Mac Woe: It took me 3 days to figure this out as techsupport got scared of hearing the word Mac even when I told them that I knew what the problem was – of the driver not getting installed
Window Woe: Right click has become a jargon and didnt realize that such a simple thing could have me breaking my head on a different OS without knowing what to ask for help

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