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Creativity with numbers

There are those who make a living out of things that they love and there are those careers where you cannot make a living out of it unless you love it. All creative spaces should fall under this category is my guess. But then, being a business analyst also means being creative with how you look at numbers. 2 and 2 need not always make 4 in a business analyst’s world. It could mean for every 2, there are 2 goners or for every 2 there are 2 dissimilars and so on and so forth.
Not everybody seems to learn this concept of being creative with numbers or how they represent data. This is in my opinion is what separates a good analyst over the years from the chafe. Always doing what the client wants is a sure shot way to delighting the client in the outsource business analytics world, but it is not providing value add or justifying the complete value of those numbers.
Next time, try looking at those numbers in new light and see what you discover. Even if you do not delight your customer, those numbers will do a happy dance for you!

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