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Don’t you ring my bell

There was a time when one didn’t want to stay on the ground floor house because
salesmen/women used to bother one at all times. Now I live on a high rise building in one of the top floors. And I have different kind of people bothering my little one’s sleep all the time. Take it from me, one should never live in a society that guarantees you all kind of security. It only adds to the woes. First there is the intercom buzz. To ask you if it is okay to send the courier fellow up. Then the courier fellow rings the bell. Then there is the bank courier boy, to collect inane documents from your doorstep. Then comes the telephone linesman. Then the electricity bill delivery. Then perhaps the door delivery service from the general store that you ordered the ubiquitous sugar from. Then the house maid. Each of these are preceded by the intercom buzz. It is so much pain to catch a shut-eye these days and these so called conveniences ruin everything. Finally there is that fellow who comes up to check if your intercom is working!

Should I even talk about cell phone woes. I keep it on silent most of the time. I keep the landline off the hook.

Oh, please transport us to an island when the little one sleeps.

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One Response

  1. renitarajan says:

    Should you discover that island, you would top the Forbes lists, simply from revenue from sale of route maps!

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