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A new tag…what mommyhood has taught me

I am a new mom, mom nevertheless… so i consider myself qualified to take up this tag 😉 Call it writer’s block and jump at any new tag.

Five things that mommyhood has taught me
1. I thought the world about my career. I still do. But there is a tiny, albeit important place for my baby amidst that. I am often stressed about sitting back at home and taking a break, and whether I will get back at the same levels when I do join work. But inspite of all that, in retrospect, I wouldn’t trade this baby time that I currently have for anything.
2. Babyhood, motherhood is known to kill the independent streak in many. These have only made me more independent, given me the confidence that I can handle anything. I saw what i think is the worst, during the birth of my baby. This has nothing to do with the labour pains, let me tell you. Warring family members. Made me open my eyes and take a neat look at who is who.
3. I am not one to control my hunger pangs or show restraint when I crave for food. (those are rare times though) Now I am the proverbial mother who frets if her baby hasn’t had his quota of milk and puts everything aside until that priority task is complete.
4. Mommyhood has taught me to be more open, about my feelings, about showing hate, love blah blah and the blah. It need not always be bottled up. Let it out. Sing, talk, babble to your heart’s content. If anybody wants to sit in judgement of you, let them. Don’t care.
5. I am still thinking on that one….coz mommyhood has left me with no time to think and this tag gives me that opportunity!!

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