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My wife.

I like you.
What we share is actually more than like.
It cannot be trivialized by just uttering the 4 letter word.

It has been years since we first met.
But I continue to stare at you.
Every single day.
Day in, day out.

What I like best about you,
Is how accommodating you are.
You gauge my moods, whims and fancies.
You sing, dance or even show me some games.
And I don’t complain even if you do the same things over and over again.

I cannot spend a single day without you.
Even on family vacations, I need my private time with you.
I am hopelessly lost without you.

There are days that I see you at my workplace too.
I don’t mind the stares you get from my colleagues.
Maybe I am proud.

When I am with you, nothing else matters.
Not the curious stares or angry glares.
Not the badgering to get over you.

You were my room mate.
Now, you are my soul mate.
You are my idiot.
Oh, My idiot box.

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