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Is Tiger Wood’s apology really any of our business?

He did what he wanted to do with his own money and on his own time. We, as spectators, got to view some fabolous golf and non interference in his personal life is the least that we owe him. How does it at the end of day matter to us, the general public if he was diagnosed with an illness or addiction, and whether he acknowledged it or not and top it all, felt repentful or not. Purists may argue that he as a public figure should show responsible behavior in public as he is a celebrity some kid may want to emulate; in that case as a parent it is also the parent’s duty to drill into the child’s head to selectively emulate his greatness! Besides some great media bytes and monkey circus, this public apology seems only staged and contrived. I would be silly to believe that the great Tiger woods actually cared for his fans’ opinion of his private life and redemption in their eyes. For us, the mighty such as these never fall or fail (in their area of skill) and the rest does not really matter.

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