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Chetan Bhagat’s latest – 2 States(The story of my marriage)

Read this over a 4 hour journey. I have now begun to wonder if he writes books as a teaser to buy himself movie deals. It was a complete Hindi/Tamil movie flick, maybe as the author himself points out, Ek Duje Ke Liye with a different ending. There was too much stereotyping, and as filmmakers do these days, has put a disclaimer that the story is real. It sure adds curiosity value to the book as he is one handsome author(inspite of a receding hairline). He also apologises and conveniently excuses himself if the sensibilities of any community is hurt because of the way he has portrayed them.As a (female)reader I could feel a definite positive tilt towards the male ego and his views. Ananya’s (the female lead in the plot) views are not elaborated as much as that of Krish’s, as it is a narrative from Krish’s point of view. What were the reactions of Ananya’s relatives when the marriage was being arranged, or does he mean to say that they have no views besides academics and on the Hindu.

All said and done, the fact remains that he has survived 4 books, is able to convert each of them to a movie, keep his family life private, and quit a boring desk job. Given the Punjabi generalizations he has made, this is over achievement that should be rightfully honoured by some Government (!), or maybe he will soon become an MP to be able to say no to these awards. (For those of you who missed the last jibe. go read Shashi Tharoor and his tweets)

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