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Kiran Bedi…Yours, I remain

I am not the kinds to be inspired by random people, even if their biography boasted of great achievements. This is not because I doubt them, but I place more emphasis on the circumstances and the opportunities that led to them. Given the right setting, many more could have shone brighter than them is what I have always thought. Sheer talent is one, but that alone cannot make one an achiever. I had the opportunity to listen to several such prominent people at IIT/IISc and my corporate life, yet they failed to move me – on second thoughts, maybe they were not as great orators as they were achievers.

And then there came Kiran Bedi. One whom I had grown up wanting to emulate since the day I saw Udaan, but I lacked the physical stamina or mental dexterity. What passion and energy she combines, and packs a powerful punch. Her one hour speech was nothing short of stating the obvious, but what made it for me was the way she spoke. Dimunitive in size that the podium almost blocked her out, but she made up for it with her vigour. Here was one who was destined to be an achiever. I came away convinced, that if you have the mettle, even circumstances mould themselves to suit you.

It is not even a classic filmy case of facing the odds and then overcoming it that convinced me about this. After all, most great men and women have this story behind them and it somewhat glorifies further their status.

It is perhaps something unexplainable, it is maybe an extra dose of Horlicks, or  it may even be mass hypnotism by her . But then, I remain her fan.

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2 Responses

  1. shail says:

    “I am not the kinds to be inspired by random people, even if their biography boasted of great achievements.”
    This is the sentence that piqued my interest to hop over to your page. I gues I feel the same way. But yes I am impressed by Kiran Bedi though I have never heard her speak.

    • Swetha Kasthurirangan says:

      @shail: Thanks for stopping by. .
      Yes, though I should admit that once I saw her recent shows on TV, she comes across as very preachy.

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