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Crazy things that I love to do on vacations

  1.  Check into a beautiful room with a great bed with all cushions, and comforters etc. and sleep on the wrong side, so that i can block the tv out.
  2.  Fill the jacuzzi and watch it while it froths with the perfumed salts, hot water etc. and then let it grow cold as I am too lazy to have a bath.
  3. Go to Japan and ask for aloo paratha, while in Italy ask for noodles.
  4. Go with a plan to shop, but dont buy anything. On the other hand go with a plan not to shop and come back loaded with goodies.
  5. Buy desserts, especially pastries and carry it back to the room to have at night, this after a nice long dinner which included desserts. 
  6.  Check the view through the window in the dead of night, and then complain that they charged you heftily for things that are not visible.
  7. Wander aimlessly for nearly half a day and then crib that haven’t seen the sights while time is running out.
  8. Promise to self to get the conversion math right in foreign countries, but absolutely detest any country whose conversion rate is multiples of 13, 27, 37 and the likes; why cant they all be nice round numbers like 10,20, 50 etc..actually 1/10, 2/10…

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