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Pigs can’t fly.

Is this scare about the swine flu for real? Somehow my mind fails to comprehend the enormity and the reality of the scare, especially when only a handful of people have lost their lives to it. There are so many other burning issues, like droughts, famine, floods and AIDS, and we lose people by more than a dozen here, yet they have not created the sense of urgency as done by the H1N1.

I coaxed out the following reasons from my mind as to why I should continue to believe that all this paraphernalia about the swine flu is only a scare!

1. The manufacturers of Tamiflu, and the indigenous research organizations is to benefit from this.

2. How else can you make people flock to the doctors for a simple cold/cough or flu?

3. Get throat swabs etc. of people at airports, city entry exit points etc. and profile them to identify terrorist behavioral patterns.

4. Divert attention from the GDP decline, increase in prices and such  issues.

5. Discourage tourist income to other countries, and instead force people to enjoy vacations in their own country.

6. Even if the above reasons are not convincing..it is only a scare!!

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