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Sach Ka Samna will do well to samnofy its own sach!

The recent show Sach ka samna is making waves. It is being spoken about everywhere, in local trains, news channels, and by the office loiterers. People talk about it in the same breath as the first edition of KBC with Amitabh Bachchan. Both are on Star Plus. Both are on prime slots. Both are a question and answer format. Both are about winning a crore rupees. Both are rip offs of popular shows outside India. But for me, the comparison ends there.  The baritone of AB’s voice pales in comparison to Khandelwal. Inspite of being seated on the high chair, AB could emote that empathy he felt with the person on the hot seat. It could be mocking or throwing in more doubts, but it felt as though AB was living every moment of the contestant’s pressure. RK falls woefully short here. The powder pack on his face makes him look like a clown, he could do with a lot less. He perspires to deliver his dialogue right, more than the contestant. He asks nasty questions without any sympathy, voice modulation. The sound effects don’t help him either. I feel more inclined to follow up on the contestant’s personal lives after they have exited from the show. Is Star Plus listening?

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  1. Bindu says:

    Hi Swetha,

    Great to see your blog…

    Pity I saw it only today.. got the link from linkedin!!!

    I am eager to see all your posting …


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