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A hundred to a Zero

Would it not be nice to live life in reverse? Imagine instead of being born, you started off from the dead. It would be nice to wake up positively from the dead, and be an oldie, maybe on crutches, with no teeth, yet salivating for the best foods on earth. And then as each day progresses, you get younger, your limbs get stronger, crutches discarded, and you enjoy a fat pension post retirement phase. Move ahead to the first day at work ( actually the last day)..people celebrate your joining, you actually know many of them, they welcome you with a gift and maybe flowers. Commit more mistakes at work as you grow in experience backwards, and younger by age. (Okay, I hate the salary growing lesser part here). Exit the work life phase, enter college, live youth. Progress to school and kindergarten, kick friends around, laugh over an ice cream, chase bubbles and butterflies. Become a toddler, enjoy everybody’s attention (And this time you actually experience it), drool on them, make a mess of yours and their clothes. Retire into momma’s womb. Degenerate into an egg. And get passed out.


Edited to Add on 30 Apr 09:
I swear I had not seen Benjamin Button, and was surprised to see all the controversy about a new Amitabh Bacchan movie being inspired by this one. And no, I had not heard about the Bacchchan movie either until I read it in the papers after I had written about this post.

Okay..I am not a genius.

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