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When we went: Mar 09
From :Mumbai
By : Road
Drive time : About 7 hrs including breakfast stops
To do : Stay at MTDC, have a snacks/breakfast break at Kamat on the way, Chill at the clean beaches
Don’t believe : White sands on the beach

Ganapatipule was a place on my mind since I first heard about it in Jun 07. Every attempt I made to go to the place was thwarted at the last minute. The well-known MTDC resort never being available in the weekend was the spoiler most of the times. This time around, I decided to go for a booking as early as three months before the stay. Well…at least the countdown seemed as long as the travel to this place.

I am going to leave out the details as to how to get there, as routes and distances are really not my strengths. I could be lost right in front of my house on a cloudy day.

We set out early in the morning….crossed several tolls, and each time we shelled out to pay for the toll tickets, we crossed our fingers and sent up a silent prayer that the resort and the place better be good. It was close to lunchtime, and the milestones on the road kept ticking down. But even at 3 km away from Ganapatipule, there was no sign of the famous white sands and the beach.

Little did we know what awaited us. MTDC resort was not very difficult to locate…and bang behind and the resort stretched the vast blue sea and clean sands for miles and miles. It was too good to be true, and being the pessimists we are, we pre concluded that the resort rooms would be ugly, damp, stinking, and dirty. But it was a day of pleasant surprises…it was not only clean and had a beautiful sea facing balcony for which a Hyatt could charge half a ten grand even in the remotest of places, the attendants did not grudge when we requested for a first floor room instead of a ground floor one.

The room was reasonably clean, though for the more finickier of us, I would advise carrying your own bed sheet and towels.

The seas were beckoning, but it was lunchtime and the convenience of the hotel inside, with chillers as well, was difficult to resist. This was the only sore point of our stay there, as post this one dining experience we never ate there for the rest of the three days. The less said the better. If you must have food here, never order a lime juice..it is some essence dunked in discarded tender coconut water….or something that tasted close to this description. You get the drift….

The beaches, just a stone’s throw away was one of the cleanest I have seen in recent times. Nice family crowds, unlittered, friendly waves, and miles and miles of shore line.

There is also a small temple of Swayambhu Ganesha here, from which the place gets its name. Nothing of note here, except that it is a nice small town temple right by the beach. So even if you are not religiously inclined, you can just hop in and hop out of the place.

The rest of our stay there, we spent wandering around the beaches (no shacks like Goa here though), driving to take a look at Krishnali resorts (only because the rates they quoted were so high were we curious to see the place). Quality food is available all around the place.

We started back to Mumbai on the third day, and even when we crossed Vashi and Chembur at 4.00pm that evening it seemed like it was such a relaxing holiday.

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