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The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

I read this book some time ago, though it has been topping the reviewers list for a longer some time.It begins nicely, with the language in which it is written almost like that of a driver from a small town..the simplicity of the language adequately portrays the complexity of thoughts. However, there is no real story here. The Chinese connection seems a little too trite. The turn of events seem to be dealt with very simply,without much ado, that it makes it a little unbelievable. But I must admit I kept turning the pages in a feverish pace. Good one time read. It also gives a newbie some confidence to go and attempt writing a book!

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2 Responses

  1. kaefka says:

    Can you believe this one won the Man Booker? Pretty thin year. I blogged on this today too..

    • Swetha Kasthurirangan says:

      Yes kaefka…as much as it surprises me, I am thankful to Booker for helping me narrow down my choices to a few of the overall not so great reads.

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