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The Hungry Tide by Amitava Ghosh

This was a beautiful read. Such books are rare these days and I was pleased with myself for picking up this one inspite of the prejudice I usually have against Bengali writers of the country. For I feel, they glorify nothing but their nothings of Bengal. Well, they might argue that Bengal is indeed great. Such matters in another post.

But this one, though revolved around the royal Bengal tiger of the Sunderbans, I liked the fiction woven into it. It was rich in the description of nature while at the same time displayed brevity without boring the common place reader too much and took the story forward at a reasonable pace. The plot is hardly anything worth writing about, yet I closed the last page of the book feeling really good about the read. The language, flow of plot and the simple uncluttered few characters in the book are its wins for me.

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