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Catty About It

The following is an article that appeared in today’s news.

Once kitten, twice shy

Gardener of Malad society gets caught dumping four tiny kittens into creek; animal lover who had him booked hopes he won’t repeat it

By Anand Holla
Posted On Friday, January 23, 2009 at 02:22:52 AM

Gardener Sangappa Gawde holds a kitten after it was rescued
They are barely a month old and incapable of doing harm to anyone. But four stray kittens born to a cat at Malad’s Haridwar Housing Society were mercilessly dumped into the nearby creek. Fortunately, the tiny moggies still have eight lives to go, thanks to resident Irene Fernandes who spotted two of the society’s gardeners stuffing them into a gunny sack. Fernandes spotted the two men from her window at around 12 pm on Thursday, and rushed downstairs to find out what they were up to. One of the gardeners, Sangappa Gawde, ran towards the Malvani Creek with the sack. When he came back, Fernandes asked him what he’d done with the kittens, but he said he had no idea what she was talking about and that he’d only thrown some garbage into the creek. Fernandes then got in touch with local animal rights activist Bhavin Gathani, who rushed to the scene and informed the Bangur Nagar police about the incident. After booking Gawde under the Prevention of Cruelty Act, the police took him to the creek and asked him to show them where he had thrown the kittens. By 4 pm, the purring kittens were found unhurt and reunited with their mother. Bangur Nagar police said that the gardeners had committed the act at the behest of some society members who found the kittens to be a nuisance. “Had any of the kittens died, the accused could even be punished with five years imprisonment under the law,” warned Gathani. “If societies have a problem with strays dirtying their premises, they should approach the BMC, never take law into their own hands.” Irene’s daughter Dorin, who also helped bring the kittens back to safety, said, “Those who ordered the act will now have to appear before the court and pay a penalty of Rs 1,200. Even the police were very reluctant to help us out, but once we showed them the rulebook, they were forced to take action.” Cat’s like a good Samaritan.

It argues that the kittens are harmless, ask me about it !!
While I agree that killing them is an extreme action, and we do not have the right to take away a life, they are a menace. I can quote realms on how they get stuck on car wheels just below the bonnets, bite up wires, litter in the most unexpected of places, dirty scooter/car covers and scratch glass panes.
If you appeal to the other members of the society to stop encouraging them by feeding or petting them, they pose the argument that the cats are God’s own creatures and it is an act of salvation to take care of them.
BMC Appeals .. are they a solution? Somebody quote me an instance when the municipality has sprung into action and cleared the premises of these creatures.

All this leaves me wishing that all the cats will disappear one day, even if accidentally, under my car wheels.

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