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What is it with ladies and their clutches?

In school and the growing up years, the little girls had “neatly folded into a square” handkerchieves always in their hands.

College goers had a file of papers or notebooks in their arms all the time..irrespective of how much of it they actually read.

Not so long ago, it was the saree pallu or the front V of the thupatta that they used to clutch or pull continuously while walking/talking/eating/..

Of late, the cell phone is the constant companion. They have to carry it with them everywhere, to the cafeteria, to the loo, to the meeting, to the bus stop and keep it clutched in their hands all the while!

I personally like a pair of free hands. (i.e ones that don’t toss the hair from left to right, and right to left ever so often)

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