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My first impressions

Europe U.S.A
You get veggie food everywhere in Italy Struggle, search..if you can communicate what are the

categories of food that fall under the vegetarian category, you are lucky

People may cast disapproving looks at brown Asians, but will not refuse you directions People walk

faster on sighting brown Asians

You can travel everywhere by cycle/train(metro) You need a car or a helpful


Crowds everywhere Crow sighting at best
Dirty restrooms Amazingly clean restrooms
Tourist spots – can get cheated if you are not careful Tourism department is very precise, correct

and friendly

Options to be thrifty as well as splurge Take it as it comes
Real history and architecture Concocted or very recent history, the best of which is the JFK


Museums are filled with age old wonders Museums are filled with science fiction
Fresh air and lush greenery everywhere Technically fresh and green
Can’t shop heavily for memorablia Cheap and delightfully “foreign” stuff to take back home

P.S. These are personal thoughts limited to the very few places that I have visited in both the continents, and also limited to the short stint that I spent there. And as always, I reserve the right to change my opinion at a later date.

P.P.S. If you still did not notice, I re learned how to use the HTML table tags. Once upon a time, I did think this was going to be my bread and butter, Thank God for better fortunes !!

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