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The HHH or simply, handy-household-hints

1.To keep your silverware sparkling, pressure cook a potato, and leave the tarnished silver soaked in the water remains of the cooker.

2.To prevent your in-house plants from dying, empty used tea leaves/lime peels/apple peels and seeds from dates/guavas in the pot.

3.To keep collars of cotton kurtas crisp, use a brush of toothpaste on it before washing.

4.To remove dal stains from the front of your shirt while at office, add a teaspoon of sugar mixed in 2 drops of water to it, and rub it vigorously with the toilet tissue.

5.To treat shoe bites, powder any paracetemol, mix with a few drops of vinegar. Dip cotton into this mixture and leave it wrapped around the ‘bite’ parts of the shoe overnight.

6.To keep hair from frizzing out, make a paste of cornflour, lemon rind and cumin seeds (1 tablespoon) and apply on hair every 2 days. Wash with plain cold water after 10 minutes.

7.To remove dark circles from under the eyes, make a paste of cooked basmati rice and egg whites, and apply it on the darkened area every night before going to bed. Rinse with rose water the next morning.

8.Make a glue of some maida, paste several sheets of magazine paper together, dry them in the sun, and you have attractive table mats to use.

9.Polish black/brown shoes with newspaper dipped in olive oil once a fortnight. This shines the leather, and keeps it healthy even when moist.

10.And now for the last…
If you try any of the above, and end up positively thrilled about the results, please spread the word and let the world benefit.

(Dedicated to all the mommas, maamis, mummys, paatis and naanis of the world who keep urging you to put edibles on your head for healthy hair, inedibles in your mouth for shiny skin and re use of discardables for that sparkling home)

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  1. me says:

    picasso painting maps ….. hmmm….

  2. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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