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Tribute to Venice, and the shoefiend

While writing my travelogues on Italy, I postponed writing about Venice….for lack of confidence on whether I can justly describe what I had seen and experienced. It was indeed, the highlight of my trip, the best of the 10 days that I spent in Italy. I might have exhausted my last Euro while here (the place is mighty expensive), but am glad that I did..for there is no place like the magical Venice.

And then I chanced upon this.


The writer here describes it beautifully, and she (he?) seems to capture almost all that I felt whilst there.

Would I go there again? Definitely not!! Did that take you by surprise? Yes, I would not want to go there ever again, just to preserve the first glimpse I had of Venice. It is over 6 months now, but I still remain enchanted.

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