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Festive Extravagance: I fear the crowds

Have been to Ranchi and back. Fed like a fat cow. Meals every two hours, desserts every other. This has nothing to do with the festive season, every trip home is like this. But this time I had been to see the famed Dusshera pandals. As much as I force myself to marvel the effort and imagination that has gone into the construction of the mammoth structures, the thoughts that continue to linger in my mind are more Marxian.. why waste so much money on structures that will be pulled down at the end of 10 days, on idols that will get immersed in the high seas,why invite gastric troubles with excessive non-diabetic eating, why splurge on artefacts for the house and the self? Maybe it is just to stress yourself out by taking a jaywalk in the crowds.Such is life.

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