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I wanted to help the HR in my organization understand what drives one to boredom at work, I wanted to kill time at office, I wanted to fill blog space, I wanted to start off my research direction for a future phd that I might want to do some day, I wanted to increase the hits on my blog, I wanted to… ok I dunno why I designed the following questionnaire.

1.What makes you feel more bored at work?
a. Lack of work
b. Office Chat tool not working
c. Regular chat/gossip buddies in office suddenly busy or on leave

2. How do you tackle boredom at work?
a· Write blogs
b· Browse aimlessly
c· Attempt to break the firewall to access mailbox/social networking sites

3. Do any of the following make you feel happy that you have tackled the boredem’on’ for atleast a short while?
a· Long Breakfast/Lunch breaks
b· Several tea breaks
c· Offering unsolicited career advice

4. Which delights you more after a boring day at work?
a· The clock ticking to 6pm and the feeling that 1 more boring day spent successfully
b· Early day off from work for some shopping
c· Elated at having re established phone contacts through the day

5. Who do you think is competition to you on the “most bored yearly golden globe” award in your organization?
a· Your boss
b· Your reportee
c· Noone, I am the undisputed winner

P.s. I am doing a psycho analysis course from this Who must not be named university in Neverland. If you send me the answers to the above questions, will get back to you on your personality type. Allow sufficient time for process delays.

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