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Some well meaning friends had advised me to definitely try the crepe, so here I go.


Sounds good? Straight and simple like the ubiquitous dosa in South India. Will miss the sambar to douse the dosa in though.

Crepe means dosa??

Crepe means dosa?

But the stuffing sure looks more interesting than the plain aloo masala.

Now, of course, you did not expect me to go the lengths of making it. I did something better, and am glad.

Spotted it on a roadside eatery, and went for it froth mouthed!!

My first tryst with the crepe….

It was doused in chocolate sauce, and was stuffed with ripe banana chops that led one of my friends to comment that it indeed tasted like “dosa ka ma* be*& **^ *&^%……”.

It must be the shoddy eating joint, I mused. Don’t give up so easily..it could after all be manna from heaven elsewhere.

The next time it was at a food court. Well lit..glossy pictures..elaborate menu card did the trick.

1 Mexican crepe..

regretted it the moment I had said it..

But what I finally got was a rare combination indeed.

Truly global.

Sample this.

A south Indian trying her taste buds on a bad dosa wrapped around Mexican beans , which was actually a cross between badly cooked rajma and double beans, the spices adding to the mystery.

It sure is a cre’e’py dish. Bon Appetit.

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