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Enough has been said of the movie, and I wont waste my 2 paise of more blogspace on it. What made the evening for me at the cinema was this:

At the booking counter:

Two show times are displayed 6.30 pm Dashavathar 7.45 Dashavatharam

    Middle aged woman : 2 tickets for the 6.30 pm show
    Counter boy: It is an animation film, Ma’m
    Middle aged woman: It is in Hindi, right?
    Counter boy: Yes Ma’m
    Middle aged woman: Good, good…It is Kamal’s hassan’s dubbed movie?
    Counter boy: No, Ma’m. This is an animation movie
    Middle aged woman:You mean there is no Kamal Hassan in the animated version?

But, am sure at the end of the day, the animated one would have not had the jarring sounds, the over dressed to kill characters, and a highly irritating heroine.

*Dashavthar is an animated version of the epic stories of the 10 avtaars with Shatrugun sinha lending his voice in the narration while Dashavtharam is the latest on the Kamal mania

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  1. Shru says:

    Am a tad disappointed to not hearing from you abt the Kamal jigs. Still remember your comparison of Mrs. Doubtfire and Avvai Shanmugi….that had us in peals.

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