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Ph. D. (Research on Dark Arts)

Profound thoughts on killing oneself:

By jumping from heights – Testing the value of g by using themselves as Newton’s apple

By consuming poison/baygon spray/ cyanide and the like – Testing reaction of biomedical compounds disntegration in the homo sapien system

By hanging from the ceiling fan using rope – Testing tension of coir material, its elasticity, under effect of gravitational constant

By lying/standing on a railway track – Pitting Newton’s theory on inertia against Einstein’s relativity and claiming both do not hold

By shooting oneself with a pistol – Checking if one dies of fear or of collision impact or of disintegration of metal in a non metallic body

Since all these tests have already been conducted, and conclusive results prove that you cannot enter the Hall of Fame of nobel laurates unless you embroil yourself in social controversies or harp welfare economics, why waste a column of newsprint besides a life?

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