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If I were an intolerant high tech innovator-maniac…

1)When people stand in groups and block access to places, like entrance doors to buildings/hospital corridors, they should get a mild shock, say after ‘n’ seconds, reminding them to move ahead. Infrareds aka Dhoom2 can be used.
2)When people shove trash in the 2m circumference around trash cans, the trash can should aim some of its own poop onto him/her.
3)When someone walking ahead on a pavement suddenly decides to slow down and walk very slowly, at the same time blocking any chance of overtaking him/her (senior citizens and the physically disabled excused), the gravitation force should stop functioning just below their feet, and they should hang upside down in air until the crowd behind them passes.
4)In an attempt to get elevators to stop at their floor, if someone jams all the stop buttons, up/down, the elevator should stop at the floor, open its door, followed by a shrill voice saying “I am confused where to go – Up or down” and immediately shut close without letting that person get in.
5)When people rush into trains/buses/elevators edging people ahead of them or not waiting for those inside to get down, there should be an intelligent torrential force from within the train/bus/elevator flinging them to the farthest corner away.
6)When people use the rest rooms and leave them in a mess, their faces should be captured on camera and hung on a “I did it” achievement board.
7)When people wash hands/mouth in a public wash such that the water splashes on the person next-by, the water tap in front of them should suddenly guzzle out a big fountain onto them that no use of the drier or all the tissues out there would help.
8)When people stand in cinema queues/railway station queues without having made their enquiries appropriately w.r.t. number of tickets, number of adults/children, spelling/age of members, class of ticket to buy, borrow a pen and clip the cap with their teeth, the counter window should grow fangs and crash heavily on their hand in one swift motion.

Alas, I can’t do any of these, let alone hurt a mosquito..nincompoops will continue to suffer the mighty offenders until Hitler returns and shakes Obama’s hand.

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One Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like the 6th suggestion………..and agree to realism in end….though it again is a wishful thinking……

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