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Social N/W Sites an intrusion!

How true it is when people debate about the relevance of social networking sites. It depends all upon the user. I find them an intrusion into my time. If there are people I wish to be/ they wish to be in contact with, we will anyways. In this age of emails, landlines and cellphones and smses and the snail posts, does not require one additional medium. Why am I suddenly irked with this bright invention of some brighter engineers, after having enjoyed the benefits for quite a while now?When boredom visits like a stork, all I end up doing is browsing other peoples’ lives on Orkut/Facebook..through their photo albums, scrapbooks, profiles and the like. What do I gain from here…sometimes awestruck with people’s luck/fate, irrelevant unnecessary good-for-nothing gossip and a peek-a-boo into their recent lives. Agreed I got in touch with a lot of people whom I had lost track of somewhere on the way; but then henceforth if I want to remain in touch with someone, I would rather do it consciously than just being another e-trophy.

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