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Finely ground’ed’

Task: Grind a fine paste of tomato, onion

Why is it a task?
I have never used a mixer grinder before. There are no traditional grinding stones in my mini flat aka urban lifestyle (read half the items and three-fourth the space in the kitchen are never used; the rest is occupied by the coffee maker..the machine that makes the guzzling sound)

Put the only plug available in the mixer-grinder in the electrical socket. Plug the jar on the base of the machine. If it does not lock itself automatically, heave it on both sides, and press it a couple of times on the top..Voila! Turn it on. Add the chopped onions and tomatoes in the apparatus. Now comes the toughest part..figuring out which button to press first, second and then third. Begin with the one closest to your thumb. Remember to use the other hand to keep the lid in place; unless you are looking for a nature cure for your face. Count 500..ok I skipped the 99 to 499 part…move to the next switch..repeat exercise..continue repeating until there are no more switches left on the front side of the machine. There is your tomato-onion paste, Eureka.

I found the manual for using the machine, at the end of the exercise, which I anyways would not have looked into except for staring at the mouth watering pictures of the mentioned recipes.
Nobody told me tomatoes and onions are to be ground separately.

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