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Some shitty questions*…

1. Can birds ‘drop’(refer the post headline again 😉 ) when flying? All of us have at some point or the other seen bird droppings’ on our cars even when parked in open space.
2. Why is it that when we travel in groups with guy friends, that when one of them has the urge to relieve himself, other male friends fall in line too? Haven’t seen the same of my friends of the other sex though. They however choose the most inconvenient of times for the same.
3. When ‘dissecting’ chicken/pork for preparing meals, where does the last meal that the poor animal has had disappear? (Me a veggie…tg for that )
4. When people fart, why do they follow it with the strangest of expressions on their faces even when there is no decibel disturbance, while everybody else clutches their nose?
5. Are people enamoured by the medicinal value of a bull’s shit, that BULL SHIT is a more widely used epithet? (Thank God, bulls cant fly …grinnn….for the low recall capacity readers of this post, refer post point number 1)

*Please do not take personal offence on any of the above questions. They are observations of general nature, and not with the intent to ridicule or put anybody in more discomfiture than they already are in ;-))

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  1. Wisecrack says:

    Shit shit shit ;-))))

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