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The life of a lift operator – An analogy(to what?)

Ups and downs are a part of life.
For every up, there is a down.
Ups are slower,
Downs are faster
Empty or full

Downs seem like with a purpose(of passengers) always
But then each time one goes down,
There comes an up ,
Sooner or later.

Emergency always means down
But repair always means checking the ‘up’.

Boring as it may seem to you
I get paid for just sitting there
And then I know more
About more people
Than you do

Lifes of several cross my day
Some in awe
Some in pity
Some with amusement
Some with an empty thought
Some with a thought I cant comprehend

I have a window to the outside world
Every time the doors of the lift open
But until then
It is me in my shell
And of note,
Fewer times I open it
Often others open it
For themselves

I am at their service
Beck and call
Press 0 or the car – bay
As they say

When the power fails
They curse the service
And cast me disapproving looks
As though I am to blame
For free time on duty

Though I never fail to turn up
For its my bread and butter
For worse or better!

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