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Home, Sweet home

Recently back from a trip home(Chennai)..the place does not cease to amaze..at its sheer adherence to age old culture, tradition, practices, smells and sounds. Every 6 months when I go back, the smell of kaapi(coffee) and dosai molagai podi(dosas with red chutney powder) is as enticing as ever. Neighbourhood is always buzzing with news of who did what, rather than what they themselves did.(U didn’t understand? U r not supposed to anyways). Nobody seems to want to laze beyond 9 am, even on a weekend. Evening outings begin at 6pm and end by 10.45pm even by ‘late’ standards. School kids lug their same old school bags and lunch boxes, men to office carry their same small pack lunch box cum wallet, women still undecided about the salwar suits they wear. Even the news on the tv is always about the ongoing spats between the politically motivated rival channels. But in all this, there is the pride of living in one of the metros, which probably has the best living standards and facilities amongst all the metros; there is the joy of managing a nuclear family yet close knit kith and kin relationship; there is the satiated feeling of having a good work life balance…sigh…maybe, it is just that home-sweet-home feeling and will pass.

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