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Vagaries of Indian Cricket

I was glad a few days back that I did not post the below…now I am not so glad!! Reason being India lost yet another ODI to Australia, so badly, so shamefully, that the seniors in the team hung their heads low much before the match actually started. One so called Bengal tiger decided to stay away from any ignominy that might visit the team.

Anyways, what I wanted to say before India qualified for the T20 finals…

The tradition continues. India may lose several series, its coach and its captain, the public angst does not last even beyond the crispness of the morning paper. Every ball bowled by the opposition is skilfully driven to the boundaries-in the viewer’s enthusiasm. It is a different story that the ball is left alone until the wicket keeper collects it; an over full of rugby strikes! One counts the number of batsmen in the pavilion before every ball is bowled; the umpire is there to count the number of balls that remain to be bowled in the over-of course, he brushes his counting skills beyond six, over after over, when India comes to bowl.
The Indian voices scream out in unison as ever, the crackers are ready to be lit; never mind if they have languished in the cupboard in the last two seasons. The mega serials take a break the day the matches are played, for once again the brawn-less Indian men dominate the women with their full throated war cries, while all the while the clever Indian women know that the heroine in the mega melodrama has shed/made others around her shed one more bucketful of tears and the story has not moved beyond that even a bit.
Amidst all this, the career and retirement plans of several are discussed-including those of the eleven men in blue.
Thank God for the T-20 version, all this lasts only for a couple of hours before we return to the humdrum of our lives.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Surprised to find your writings on cricket…R u fan of cricket or not???

  2. shahbaba says:

    cricketa thittaringala paarattringalane theriyala???

  3. Swetha Kasthurirangan says:

    Was a fan, then not a fan, was a fan again, then not again, then again, then not again……

    To Shahbaba’s question(Am I appreciating or deriding Indian cricket): What do you think?(coz I dont know myself 😉 )

  4. shahbaba says:

    kashttam thaan!!!!

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