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The curious incident of the dogs

Every morning, I drive for 6 km from home to office. Mumbai’s population is 20 million(2001 census). It is spread over 468 sq. km. The population density is estimated to be about 29,000 persons per square kilomete. This morning, I counted 61 dogs on my way to office..this roughly translates to half-a-dog every square km. The ratio of homo sapiens to a dog is 58000. Dogs sure have a better life in Mumbai!

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    wah wah….quite some calculation..amused and amazed at the sheer complexity of your brain!!

  2. Swetha Kasthurirangan says:

    VM… wow.. this is lovely..
    VM… did u try counting the number of cats on the way..
    ME… no..i dont like cats
    VM… so u like dogs??
    ME… i like counting dogs 😉
    ME… it is like counting money
    ME… everybody likes it
    VM… yeah, money falls short. but not the dogs on mumbai streets
    ME… 😉
    ME… mpney grows on trees sometimes, like the dogs in mumbai
    VM… arre our salary is the same and predictable at all times. But the birth of dgs is not.
    VM… My pet once gave birth to 13 pups
    VM… I am serious. And i was shocked with so many of them running around in my house.

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