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Place: Silvassa

Season: Aug 2007

Verdict: Timepass, budget trip

How I reached there?

Started out by the morning Shatabdi from Mumbai. Reached Vapi and took the auto(called a special ride when it is not on share basis) for hundred rupees to Silvassa..a very bumpy ride, only left me wishing that the ordeal ended as soon as it had started.

What I saw?
1. Church – Built in 1897, of Portugese fame..still looks as good as new, and nothing much to marvel about except the historical value
2. Tribal Museum – For the first time, I saw a museum that was maintained keeping the posterity in mind..i.e. what if the tribal culture that is existent today(2007) vanishes in the next decade

With nothing better to do, and almost the entire noon ahead, took an auto to Khanvel.
3.Khanvel – good roads, lush green trees on both sides of the road.

What else..what else..what else….
4.Bal Bhavan – Yeah, I spent a couple of hours there while waiting to proceed to Vapi to catch the evening Shatabdi back to Mumbai

    Worth mentioning:

Shatabdi serves good breakfast and dinner (really). The 10 cm long chilli that was served as salad with the dinner, just about a quarter of an inch shorter than the breadstick, deserves a special mention.

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