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Honour in Begging – of a different kind

In Mumbai, eunuchs harassing young men for alms at traffic signals is an everyday scene. I was amused by what I saw today. There was a middle aged man in an auto, visibly hurried, for his morning duties at work. The auto had no option but to stop at the Murphy’s law abider – the red signal. There comes this eunuch, bothering him for money, and loaded with the choicest epithets. He tried to look away, wishing the signal was atleast shorter, but to no avail. The auto driver was visibly impatient too for he was not spared either. Then grudgingly, when there was no sign of the red to green flicker, the man took out some loose change and handed it over to the eunuch. Wilfuly or not, I do not know, but it fell off the eunuch’s hand onto the road. Instead of just picking it up, the eunuch made more noise about it and walked away without collecting it…to harass yet another gentleman. It was against the eunuch’s honour to pick it up from the road, though asking for alms wasn’t. Of course, the first gentleman got down from the auto and picked his change before the auto sped away.

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