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A Day Of My Life Without My Spectacles

Woke Up…
Scrambled Out Of My Bed Trying To Locate My Spectacles..
Crashed It With The Book I Was Reading The Night Before…
There Begins My Eventful Day…
Stumbled To The Washroom..
Located My Toothbrush..Green In Color..
Never Knew Green, Blue, Yellow Looked Similar & Could Be Confusing..
Identified It With The Frayed Bristles..
Escaped Using The Shaving Cream To Brush My Teeth
(It Might Have Tasted Better, One Never Knows)..
Braved Myself Into The Kitchen..
Made Espresso While I Actually Intended A Light Coffee
To Keep Me Clear Headed Through The Rest Of The Day..
Earned Myself A Free One Hour
No Misery Of Half A Dozen Murders In Broad Daylight,
A Couple Of Bomb Blasts,
Maybe A Hijack On An Interesting Previous Day..
Instead Went To Sleep Curled Up In My Chair..
Woke Up To See The Big Bright Yet Dull World Again..
Time For Lunch..
Cooking Anything < Feast Requires Knowing The Salt From Sugar..
So..Time For A Pizza…
Racked My Memory..
Elated At The Fact I Can Just Do A Re-Dial On My Phone..
Do Not Have To Type The Ever So Long Toll Free Pizza Number..
Why Are They Always Longer Than Your 10 Digit Cell Phone Number..
Pizza Arrives In 30 Mins..
Realize I Should Have Ordered A Cheaper One..
What Difference Do The Brightly Colored Capsicum & Jalapeno Make To Me Today..
Later Realized Food Always Seemed Better When Enjoyed
With Just The Limited Senses..Taste And Smell In This Case..
Time For Another Nap..
No Wonder Babies Need No Spectacles Or Lenses..
Before That Remembered
To Call The Ever Friendly Medical Guy From The Neighbourhood ..
He Offered To Collect The Broken Spectacles, Mend Them & Get It Back
God Bless Him..
Back To Lumbering..
Wake Up In Another Zone..Twilight Perhaps?..
Evening It Is For Sure..
There Rings The Bell..
Here Comes My Angel
Cradling The Best Piece Of Metal I Have Ever Used
In A Shiny White Armour..
Angel With A White Armour??
Sorry..Cant Think Better Until The Metal Perches Itself On Its Nosy Owner!

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One Response

  1. anon says:

    nicely written…the agony of losing one’s spects is beautifully brought out…but never knew you to be 4-eyed 😉

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