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Process Improvement

I want to become a sweeper. A process improvement sweeper. There are conglomerates and big businesses that reek of gaps in processes. One customer level interaction with them proves the point. In spite of heavy research and focus on service quality, they have a long way to go.

I take solace from the fact that I may not be the only victim. Subscribed to a mutual fund online two months ago. The normal process is to receive a confirmation PDF at the registered email, which is then signed and returned to the mutual fund company confirming the transaction. I have not received this till date. They remember to send their promotional material to my email id but are unable to send the PDF to the same id. Repeated calls to the customer service centre yielded no fruits, just a complaint number, the only use for which was not having to recollect my grievance every time I called them up!

Every time I call, I am promised a well-defined TAT (read – Time after-which telecall again), but nothing comes out of it. Here is the icing on the cake..One morning, I get a call from another department of the mutual fund company asking me to submit a signed application for subscribing online. Did these people check to see if they had sent me the relevant documents in the first place? If they have, did they check to see if I had lodged any complaints in the interim because of which I may not have sent it? Add to it, when I ask them these things, they tell me it is their duty to call me; they are not connected with their own call centre department in any way.

The whole world except the ubiquitous vegetable vendors requires process improvement.
They are the only ones who can perform multiple calculations, with multiple customers, keep their promises without IOU notes, and never promise a TAT, still deliver on a daily basis. Are people who run bigger businesses blind to their faults? Or is it that it just suits them to have broken processes. Maybe there is just no inclination, besides the top line growth. Why should there be? In a country like India, very few businesses with such attitude to customer service will be left behind with zilch customers. Until such a scenario arises, these companies will continue to run and even prosper to produce the country’s first trillionaire.

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