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Joy of paying taxes – the oxymoron

Filing your taxes with the government is something expected out of each one of us as dutiful citizens of the country. There is no joy left in paying through your nose year after year for bad roads, dipping poverty, marginally improved literacy rates, and not to be commented upon sanitation facilities in the ‘ever-developing’ country. But this time, I managed to scrape some joy on a totally different plane.

1. I managed to shirk off the dependence on some knowledgeable bloke called the chartered accountant (no offence meant to the profession) who surfaces out of nowhere, come tax time.

2. I managed to decode the ever so complicated slab system of taxes; and even thought of ways how the slab system could be further mystified-like introduce incentives in the slabs for regular tax-payers ;-)) Any takers?

3. I managed to use a bank chalan effectively for paying additional taxes, without fretting over the procedures in the bank, which always leave me feeling a little less educated.

4. I managed to use some common sense – like using the forms available for advanced users, than the mere common man, so that I am not stuck up in the online process due to some coding error left behind in the forms. Can you believe it..it stands corrected in the advanced version, but not in the basic version.

5. I managed to tide over online help forums, several PDF guides, the ever helpful local tax guy who has no answer ever to any of your queries, the toll free number that is listed as tax-help line but is not answered most of the time.

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