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Why are Shopaholics shopaholics?

This is more like the circular reference error in Excel. Shopaholics are not shopaholics by desire, they are destined to be one.

Let me illustrate with an example. I had been out to buy a pair of sandals. Trust me, it is just the sandals that was in my planned budget. I checked out a couple of shops..nothing that impressed the Princess in me. The third shop..here ye come…bright boards with 50% sale make it ominous. Let me pass over the Size 4 font “Upto” just above the Size 100 Font 50% for a moment. With full credit to the shop and its designers, the shoes there looked good and surprisingly, well within my budget. And then, size 6 began to elude me. Searched hi and lo..stretched my budget by a few more hundreds of bucks..braved myself to try out exotic colours like banana and strawberry pinks(yeah…for my feet)..but size 6 was not to be found. In all this frenzy, I came across a cool bag. After all, I was not going to buy my sandals today, my budget was still unutilized,and the budget did not have a ‘No Exchange’ tag on it…so there I splurge it on the 20*20 inch, crimson red bag, which I know is going to adorn my cupboard. The sandals shall wait for another day…

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