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Google on GPRS

Cell phones fascinate me. The features on them continue to explode. Every time, I zero in on a phone thinking there is nothing drastically new that is going to come up in the next version, I end up poorer by atleast 25 grand for this farcical thought. I do not claim to be a master of the technologies, but to date the most useful one to me has been the integration of gprs on cell phones. Combined with google, imagine the power it can unleash.

1.I can hire a share taxi already on the road, heading in the direction I want to go.

2.I can search for the delicacies in a restaurant, at my own pace, without having the self assumed knowledgeable hunk from the restaurant explain it to me so that I decide I do not want to order food from there.

3.I can check out the latest news while in office where most websites are banned.

4.I can do social networking over orkut.

5.I can check the weather at my destination before heading there.

6.I can price compare anything I want to buy, even while at the shop.

7.I can source inputs for any creative solutioning that my work demands without having to wait until I can reach an internet access available computer.

8.I can integrate and upload my calendar on the web.

9.I can check parking availability in the mall.

10.I can check movie tickets availability much before entering the queue for a current show.

Now if only gprs speeds would increase, and my mobile is more palm friendly….

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