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Perils of/with a new driver

I have learnt to drive. In 2 years and a few months more, yes, I managed a driving license too. I can cruise the roads now, or so I thought. Little did I know, that I had barely passed the driving test. Little did I know that I had never in my driving classes pressed the brake that hard enough, that the motion would stop with just my contribution to the braking exercise. Little did I know there existed hand brakes, wipers, head-light-on switches (yeah, I thought the headlights come on automatically after 6 in the evening).
Lo and behold, here I was, behind the wheels, in my new WAGON-R. I liked the colour, I liked the price, I liked the tail lights and I thought I knew driving…so I bought it 😉 The friend, who accompanied me in the car, was in for a shock. What he imagined to be a lovely drive in a new smooth car, ended up being a start and stop exercise (starting the engine and losing it just after it moved a metre ahead), an arm drill (stretching out the hands wide enough outside the car, to warn other passer bys) combined with an automatic gear shift in a manual gear shift car(I needed another hand to change gears, while I held the steering with both my hands, and the clutch with a leg…c’mon God blessed me with just 1 more leg besides these as an appendage) Once all the calories were burnt for the day, we decided to swap seats. Did I not enjoy the drive back?

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