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Quantitative vs Qualitative

As a student, I was indifferent to whether a course taught in class, was quantitative or qualitative in nature. According to many others, this does make a lot of difference to the way the exams are conducted and evaluated. There is a perceived sense of unfairness when it comes to evaluation in qualitative courses. A left brain influence, and hence, a poetic sense of being is associated with being able to do well in qualitative courses. Performing well here is not looked upon as favorably as its quantitative counterpart, as that supposedly directly reflects one’s intelligence, and this does not.

But, in day-to-day living, I would like to believe that it is the qualitative skill that comes in handy. To make complex computations, one is blessed today with the computer, or at least a calculator. Ability to dissect a situation, and arrive at a logical approach to the problem at hand, requires one to be more gifted with the ‘poetic sense’.

More often than not, everyday work is executed to completion, due to one’s level of comfort in interaction with his/her counterparts. Very rarely, is it a case of individual brilliance that shone through mindless boggling of information, and rocket science computations. Not to underestimate such efforts in the academic world, even there, it is the ability to be able to crunch quantitative problems and present it in a manner that makes a qualitative difference to the stakeholder is what stands one in good stead.

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