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All in a day’s work

Work involves meeting people, impressing a few, treading on a few’s toes, putting together mindless documents, adhering to the process. But what makes work more interesting and challenging is the peripherals. Am I inadvertently referring to Maslow’s need hierarchy theory?Quite possible. When I say peripherals, I am talking about the comforts one has come to expect with the job, like the travel to work, the food at the work place, the restrooms décor and so on. Society’s plush needs vary by personal preferences, however the need exists in some form or the other in all.

I used to be taken with surprise and think it was an exaggerated tale when somebody spoke of a someone else moving on to a different job just to be able to accommodate his/her lifestyle, albeit not for just the money. Today, it is no longer the fat pay packets and quality of work..I am increasingly coming across a lot of job hoppers for reasons as mundane as the cafeteria food. In this day and age, where loyalty does not matter in all kinds of jobs, maybe the trend is not misplaced.

Are there too many indirect and confusing references in this post? Maybe, it was meant to be.

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